Hatch Chart

January- #22-#24 Black Stoneflies along the banks. Can be heavy at times

#28 black Midges in major pools

Mid- February- #16 Black Stoneflies, by end of month size up to a #12 Black Stonefly


Third week of March- #18 Blue Winged Olive. Excellent nymphing and film fishing


First part of April- #18 Blue Quills Mid day with hatch and spinner fall later in the day as April moves ahead to join the BWO's


 Last part of April- #12 Quill Gordon. Super Hatch with reccomendation of soft hackle wet fishing during the hatch and and profound spinner falls after dark.

Grannom Caddis. Another Super Hatch with the combination of both Quill Gordon will provide the best soft hackle fishing of the year. outstanding mid-day fishing.

First week of May- March Brown and supercede Quill Gordonby second week.

Gray Fox will appear one week later. Bothe Stenonema hatches at Elk Springs and outstanding on Slaty. Mid day fishing reccomended



Second week of May

The Sulfers!

There are no words that can adequately describe this fly fishing phenomenon. Maybe a "Red Fog?" Extreme density falls nightly known locally as "Snout Soup." The river appears to be boiling as every trout in the river rises.

Baetis, Coffinflies, March Brown and Gray Fox will be adding to the excitment. This is a fly fisherman's dream.

July and August- Terrestrials and Midges now come to the forefront, from a #8 Cicada, Grasshopper, and Cricket to a #32 Midge Pupae. This is not to say the match the hatch is over. Light Cahills and Isos' along with the 2nd and 3rd brood of the various Baetis which will continue through October.


September- The arrival of the Paralep. This #18 Mayfly provides some of the best nymphing of the year. While it is basicaly a night hatch, the river is full of #18 nymphs that a wise angler will exploit.


October- The Paralep continue and are joined by the 3rd and final brood of #18 BWO's. Equally important at times is The Great Autumn Sedge. This #8 Caddis can provide great top water action.


November- Begins with most action beneath the surface and ends with the arrival of the little Black Stones, and as always, good midge fishing in the major pools year round.


December- By now the Little Black Stones are full blown and the cycle repeats.

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